About My Work

There are people who believe art is a relaxing and easy endeavor. Nothing can be farther from the truth – especially for me – it is a constant problem solving struggle.

Artists need knowledge of hundreds of materials and substrates; an understanding how to fabricate and execute; and how to communicate a vision. Many people like to think that one is born an artist (aka “she has a good eye”). I practice a lot and have to figure things out. I have lots of failures and strive to make every project a challenge in order to grow. And in the end, I am my own worst critic.

My art reflects who I am and how I examine my world. As I go about my day, I see moments in time that could turn into an entire art series, such as rusty objects in my Decay Series. I wonder what other people see in their worlds and how we all see differently.

Often times I think it would be easier if I could label myself as a painter, digital illustrator, designer or photographer. But I find labels hold me back from exploring with different media. As I mature artistically, I realized that light, color, value, lines, shape, and critical thinking, apply across the board and for me, that’s what’s so enchanting about “making”.